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  • Industry
    Solutions for Industry
    Measurement | Control | Automation | Integration | Enterprise | Support
    Total visibility of your bulk liquid assets throughout your supply chain
  • Complete
    Load Rack Solutions
    Varec offers engineering and assembly
    of custom loading skids for terminals that include
    turnkey measurement, control and automation equipment.
  • Tank Gauging
    2920 FTT
    2920 FTT with
    Tank Side Display
    Varec's latest addition to the industry standard for
    tank gauging and inventory management
  • Supporting Whessoe
    Devices and Systems
    Our roots were built from the iron and steel
    industries of the Northeast of England,
    the engineering legend, Whessoe.
  • Automated Foreign Object
    Debris Detection
    Varec offers airports unique value when implementing
    an automated foreign object debris detection system

Varec Asia & Pacific provides deep domain knowledge for managing liquid petroleum assets across bulk storage facilities, refineries, petrochemical plants, airports and military fuel facilities.

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Varec's integrated fuel information management system for Australian Defence Force fuel facilities

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Looking for Whessoe

Varec manufactures products and spare parts that are compatible with legacy Whessoe equipment.

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AU Sales Support

Contact Transponder Technologies, our Australian sales rep for all your terminal automation requirements.

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New Level Alarms for Gaugeboards and Indicators

  • August,
  • Atlanta, GA

Varec’s magnetic limit sensors allow you to upgrade the simplest tank gauging systems to provide electronic level alarm output for controls systems and devices, such as PLCs, remote terminal units, lights or sirens. Download the PDF