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JFIMS Solutions For the ADF

Australian Department of Defence Fuel Information Management

Varec supports the Defence Joint Fuels Information Management System (JFIMS) integrated across Australian Defence fuel facilities. The system transmits data to an enterprise application that supports effective management of logistics, financial accounting, purchasing, planning and reporting. The same fuels management system, FuelsManager® Defence, that is utilised by the U.S. and UK militaries now provides the ADF with an enterprise wide, web based bulk fuel inventory management system.

FuelsManager Defence

Managing the Supply Cycle for Bulk Fuels

JFIMS provides the Joint Fuels and Lubricants Agency (JFLA) with an integrated tool to manage the supply cycle for bulk fuels. By rationalising a range of smaller, ad-hoc systems, JFLA have access to better quality data. The legacy ADO Fuel Management System for management of ground fuel and fuel cards was also integrated into JFIMS.

Centralised Reporting Across all Facilities

JFIMS allows the collection of data from defence fuel facilities across Australia, as well as tanker ships, and fuel exchange with allies and commercial fuel suppliers. It automatically transfers the data to a centralised database.

Local Fuels Facility Level Automation

JFIMS also upgraded JFIMS terminals to modern, state-of-the-art systems to allow for fuel facility management and tank management for the maritime and aviation environments.

ADF Technical Support

Use the following contact numbers if you are calling from an Australian Department of Defence location and require technical support for installed software, system or gauging products.

  • Toll Free Phone: +61 (1800) 482732
  • Fax: +61 (3) 86236401
  • Email: JFIMS Support via Email

  • This project represents a significant investment, with Varec establishing a support centre based in Melbourne and employing Australian personnel to manage and operate the venture.

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